No Age Cafe


Karma or
a hand of cards—
thirty years
to clear away
sadness and abuse.
Now you smile
the beautiful smile
of what is,
nothing excluded,
nothing false;
and I am
inexplicably set free,
on the Dharma path,
able to be plain.

McLeod Ganj

(from: On The Road To Dharamsala)
John Moncure Wetterau

photo by Victor Romanyshyn

Victor Romanyshyn

  • In Memoriam, Victor Romanyshyn
  • Victor has gone,
  • as the sun slips
  • below the horizon;
  • around the world,
  • the first rays
  • bring his blessing.
  • Notes

  • The blog on this site is my traveling studio---poems, stories, notes, and photos, most recently from Maine, Thailand, and Seattle. Comments are most welcome.
  • Ebooks in various format are here.
  • Printed copies are here.
  • The On Coffee collaboration exhibited at Addison Wooley Gallery during August can be seen on the events page. The show was a success. Also, one of Victor's pieces was chosen by The Farnsworth Museum in Rockland for their permanent collection.