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Petroglyphs, Ka'u

On this pahoehoe, dark, weathered,
cracks curving along least resistance—
I speak with straight lines.
Until this island sinks below
the water, or Pele angers,
you will know how long time
we live here, how many were lost
to the fighting, to the sea.
What I say is: how beautiful
are our women, and today,
I have a son.

(from: On The Road To Dharamsala)
John Moncure Wetterau

photo by Victor Romanyshyn

Victor Romanyshyn

  • In Memoriam, Victor Romanyshyn
  • Victor has gone,
  • as the sun slips
  • below the horizon;
  • around the world,
  • the first rays
  • bring his blessing.
  • Notes

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  • The On Coffee collaboration exhibited at Addison Wooley Gallery during August can be seen on the events page. The show was a success. Also, one of Victor's pieces was chosen by The Farnsworth Museum in Rockland for their permanent collection.