No Age Cafe

for Anita Bartlett, too late

Why cannot blue be enough?
Light in the sky, dark in the sea,
the shades between.
The green of fields,
red clover, buttercups.
Bridal white of apple blossoms,
burial earth, hawk’s feather, snakeskin.
Monarchs, Anita,
feeding on purple aster,
fluttering up,
sun glowing orange, brown, bronze
through black edged wings, twenty
joining twenty joining a hundred,
down, up, over, from
color to color
to Mexico.

(from: Next)
John Moncure Wetterau

photo by Victor Romanyshyn

Victor Romanyshyn

  • In Memoriam, Victor Romanyshyn
  • Victor has gone,
  • as the sun slips
  • below the horizon;
  • around the world,
  • the first rays
  • bring his blessing.
  • Notes

  • The blog on this site is my traveling studio---poems, stories, notes, and photos, most recently from Maine, Thailand, and Seattle. Comments are most welcome.
  • Ebooks in various format are here.
  • Printed copies are here.
  • The On Coffee collaboration exhibited at Addison Wooley Gallery during August can be seen on the events page. The show was a success. Also, one of Victor's pieces was chosen by The Farnsworth Museum in Rockland for their permanent collection.