O Rosy

Dusan said you died
a beautiful death, “at peace,
the complete peace given only
to those of great integrity.”
Ten years since we lay together
in the small bedroom with the roof
window, making light of life.
We loved you,
your kindness flowering
from a field of sorrow.
Lying beside you, feeling
the pain never spoken …
O Rosy, I have not your alchemy,
have little of your kindness,
how do I change this to gold?
I can’t see for tears. Can only howl
like a wolf: Rosy
O Rosy

Hello world!

A program announcing “hello world” is traditionally the first accomplishment of computer language students. A new WordPress installation presents the message as an example post. I am leaving it in place cuz I’m about to go traveling, and it seems appropriate. I will report back from Thailand in mid-June.