all in green went my love riding…
O, e.e. cummings

consumed with that which it was nourished by…
O Will

O western wind when wilt thou blow
and rain the small rain down?
O Christ that my love were in my arms
and I in my bed again

to each other, O death
that makes life bright,
my beautiful is

reborn as all


photo: Victor Romanyshyn "All in green my love went riding..."

photo: Victor Romanyshyn
“All in green went my love riding…”

summer women

celebrating in colorful dresses,
bodies intact, rebuilding
winter breaches of assurance,
tending friendships,
tannned & upright,
chattering like birds,
rising, wheeling, settling
to mutual advantage


a slow upwelling beat
supports the mandolin,
a wandering melody
loosens your resentment
of the heat, leads you
to smile and cry,
to laugh at fate which
awaits us all,
brothers and sisters,
in poverty & silence—
open the door,


Beauty matters. It is a mirror in which we find our better selves—across centuries and continents or on a sidewalk. Whatever we do, we can do more beautifully. Then, love of life is embodied in the act, the love that fuels all others.


begin with your deepest need,

let it go

make something


squash, Portland

squash, Portland




In a doorway escaping a summer evening drizzle, practicing an updated version of Freight Train, stopping to get the bass line right on the ooom-pah horn, banjo holding it together, the rhythm guitar played by the lead singer who has a clear old-timey voice sometimes ornamental, sometimes central—the music floats down Exchange Street—young & loose & hopeful.

It will sound again at each other’s weddings. There will be wild strawberries.

Summer Solstice

A few days before the solstice:

tanker sunset, Portland Harbor

tanker sunset, Portland Harbor

Last rays of sun on Outer Green Island:

summer solstice, Outer Green Island

summer solstice, Outer Green Island

A quiet “Django” played Sunday morning by someone I’d not seen before. Summer in Maine.

"Django," Crema Cafe

“Django,” Crema Cafe