Dec 31, 2013

The important things have been said many times over in many languages. We writers only add to the chorus. This is true as far as content, meaning, goes. But if the singing stops, the meanings will become confused and forgotten. So we have work to do.

Rebuilding. Touching up.

Auk’s Hog

Auk’s hog

Here is the laminated hog bent over the molds and epoxied into the transom, ready to be beveled for the lowest two planks (the garboard strakes). West Marine epoxy is very strong. If you split apart a glued joint, the wood splinters and breaks before the epoxy. Before we epoxied and bent the hog into place, we steamed the aft three feet for half an hour with a steam iron.

Pastor Jeff

Continuous attention,
wide-set eyes, thick shoulders,
speaking quickly, “Sadly yes
he’s gone to glory, yes,”
nodding, “yes…”
that there is glory,
ahead, inherent,
there is no doubt;
the path is there,
back-lit in his eyes.

Sebi’s, Seattle