small mind

Half an hour or an hour of meditation helps one escape small mind.

As the mind quiets, a broader identity arises naturally. Individual death is known as a rhythmic part of life. Human excess is understood to be self-correcting. Our kindness is indiscriminate.

We dance with joy in one hand, sorrow in the other, swept in the universal whirl of creation and destruction.

We are, finally, who we are.

One More Time

Another confrontation: this time an architect profiting from the weakness or inability of the community to protect its neighborhood. Big money assures political support, threatens law suits when expedient, ignores what is right for what is legal, all the while pretending at public hearings to be responsive to the community.
When you profit by pushing people around, you are inviting trouble, unhappiness, loss of self respect, maladies of all sorts, karmic retribution… Usually, I think, well, he’ll get his or she’ll get hers. But in this case I was unable to stand back. I hate to see someone so young (40+), smart and hard working, going down that road. Also, patronizing manipulation is especially hard to stomach from one who should know better. He flared up and ran when I asked about his values. “I don’t have time for this conversation.”

I’m afraid that when he does have time, it will be twenty years too late.

honos ante omnia