In Case You Were Wondering


The immutable truths about reality are:
1. ultimately it is unknowable,
2. you are part of it.

Otherwise, broadly speaking,
those things we say are true
are maps or models
with which we agree.
Models are more or less accurate;
we cannot live without them, but,
as Von Clausewitz cautioned his
generals on the eve of battle:
The map is not the territory.

Art, science, religion—
all culture—lie on map land,
a work in progress.
Choose your maps wisely,
annotate them, but keep
your eye on the territory,
the gate to which,
should you get lost,
is deep within you.


In the 17th century,
Francis Bacon said:
There is no excellent beauty
that hath not some strangeness
in the proportion.

Those things that we find
the unique and the universal,
our most disparate selves.
Beauty is both accomplishment
and direction. There is
nothing we do
that cannot be done
more beautifully.


who understands silence,
springs without doubt

for Hannah and Clara,
with love, Gumpa