On Coffee

Addison-Wooley Gallery in Portland, Maine showed this exhibit during August, 2011. The photographs are 17 x 22 inches, printed in an edition of 40 on Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper with archival inks.

Two years ago, Addison-Wooley Gallery showed 21 Photographs and 21 Poems, my first collaboration with Victor's work. Each poem was written using the associated image as a starting point. The writing in the current show was inspired by the photographs as a group.

It seemed to me that Victor was experimenting in the first seven photographs, searching for the tone or feeling that he explored in the final five. In #8 - #12, the changes in position of the same elements and the subtle variations in lighting heightened my attention. I was drawn into a space mysteriously charged with the presence of these common objects.

I began writing #1 and continued in a similar manner, using coffee as a motif, hoping to uncover a central subject. Memories of relationships, women, and beauty floated up with my memories of coffee. The poems, #8 - #12, attempt to echo Victor's effort to show the universal through the specific, to catch time in a vase.

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